Mike Baranski

Location Contact
Raleigh, NC mike.baranski@gmail.com
USA (919) 219-0032

I am an IT professional who enjoys working in a variety of roles, particularly software development. I like software development, system administration/integration, and challenging problems. I am comfortable in a dev-ops role, performing support/analyst tasks, and interfacing with clients.


Languages Libraries/Frameworks Other
Java Struts 2, Spring, Spring Boot Docker/Swarm
Python, Ruby Hibernate, JPA, Flask, Bottle, Django
Javascript Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish Git, SVN, CVS
PHP Maven, Ant, Ivy MS SQL, Informix, PostgreSQL
SQL jQuery/UI, Angular JS, Jest MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, HSQL
Shell (Bash) Bootstrap, React, Jasmine Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu), IBM AIX
Lisp, Perl JUnit, Mockito Windows 7, 2008 R2 Server

PACS/VMS Systems


August 2015 - Present - The Maven Group

Software Developer.  Contract developer for IBM GTS - previously AT&T Managed Applications and Managed Hosting Services Unit

October 2011 - August 2015 - Securadyne Systems

Senior Support Engineer.  Member of Professional Services Group providing advanced support to branch offices and customers of all sizes throughout the US

Oct 2000 - Oct 2011: Security Management Consulting

VP of IT

1999 - Oct 2000: Celito Communications

Network and PC technician for a variety of local Triangle area businesses

Open Source Projects

Selected Projects

2017 - Present: mulchr.com

Site that allows arborists to get rid of their wood chips at nearby locations. Public registration and private mapping tool that allows arborists to search for local dump sites. Implemented using Java REST services with React front-end. All services are running on a Docker Swarm cloud cluster. Site is at mulchr.com

2015 - 2017: Selenium/Jenkins integration environment

Configured and maintained a Jenkins CI server that ran daily Selenium regression tests via a proprietary framework. Configured 8 different applications to run regression tests against DEV, MAINT, and 2 STG environments. Enhanced and maintained an application to generate a dashboard for Selenium test results.

2014-2015: Engineering Request Forms

Implemented an internal web-based tool to facilitate communication between sales and engineering staff. Engineering required a workflow that would allow requests to be submitted, approved, designed and accepted. The workflow needed to be simple, web-based, and allow reporting on performance indicators. The application was written using Spring MVC and Spring Data running in a Tomcat container with a SQL Server repository.

2012-2015: Invarios

Lead development and implementation of a customized ETL tool for enterprise Access Control systems. The Java tool was based on Pentaho's PDI application with custom steps that we developed. Plugins included a PDI step to transform images to a size and format appropriate for storage in Active Directory and a database update step that logged every change to a database record during an update for auditing reports. This software was implemented at several enterprise client sites and is a part of the company product portfolio.

2013-2015: Company Timesheets

Develop a web-based timesheet system for the company. Implemented a timesheet system to allow all remote employees to enter timesheet data into our SharePoint site. This included a custom workflow to require management approval of time entries. Once time was approved by management, the data was then imported into a data warehouse and was available for import into the company ERP system. The SharePoint UI piece was written with JQuery/JQuery UI for the front-end and used SharePoint lists via the Javascript API for the data storage. The imported data was stored in a SQL server and the front-end was a Spring Web MVC application in a Tomcat container using OrmLite for data access.

June 2015: Service Ticket Portal

Designed and implemented a cloud service ticket portal for a large national customer. Allows customer to enter service tickets online, and notify proper parties that a ticket has been created. The customer was using PDF forms to submit tickets, but could no longer support the PDF form and needed an alternative. This project was completed early and under the estimated budget. The technology used was Django and Postgre SQL served with Lighttpd and Gunicorn on an Ubuntu Linode instance. Setup a development and test environment and configured all production deployments to push via git.

CARMA for Picture Perfect

Lead developer for a data warehouse and web-based reporting program for the GE Picture Perfect access control system. The database was designed to process tens of millions of transactions via a web based UI. This tool gave users an easy-to-use, non-technical interface allowing them to run reports on-demand while not affecting the production system. This not only reduced the load on the server, it removed the report generating responsibility from the system administrators and allowed stakeholders to run their own reports. The UI was written in PHP running on Apache's HTTPD server, the data import was written in C++ and the database platform was MySQL.

State of Florida DHSMV FUPAC Project

The DHSMV in FL had a disparate access control system at each of its 12 deep water seaports. We were responsible for visiting each port, exporting all cardholder and image information from each system, and turning them over to GE for conversion to their new system. Once the new system was installed, we were responsible for patching the software and installing the peripheral devices for biometric enrollment of cardholders (passport scanners, fingerprint enrollment devices, and cameras). We also trained staff according to the enrollment process developed by the DHSMV.


1999 Associate in Science; Brevard College (Brevard, NC) Cum Laude

2001 BSc, Computer Science; North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC)